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Hi, this is one of my very favorite websites. For some content, for our students, this is readworks.org.

This is completely free, this is something that teachers can sign up. For it is a wonderful resource, and I'll show you what one of my favorite things about resource.

About readworks.org, is that you can search for your grade level of your students, or you can also search for your Lexile of your students. So, if you are working with students that are special education or if you're working with tier M TSS students. This is an excellent resource, to be able to get information.

They have both narrative and expository writing that you can get reading passages for, and it is awesome.

I'm going to show you here some kindergarten information, because that's what I work for. But, as you can see, there is all kinds of information. There is paired text with what did people used to where and when. Our grandma was a girl and here, you see right here here's your wax tile, you have your informative text, you have how many words. So in order to do like a progress monitoring or a fluency read your words are. Right here, which is super super helpful one of the things that I like to do too is say that.

I'm going to be doing something attic units one of my favorite things to do is, let's say we're going to talk about, all about me and healthy eating well. Here's how to take care of your teeth, here's how to be careful with medications and all of these are so awesome and you can print these off. Let me show you how hey you are you come here and another thing that's really awesome is. If you have a little bit of a problem with kids, you're just working on comprehension. This can be read to your students, it's awesome everything is easily read to your students. If you're just working on comprehension, this can be printed off and it prints off, in one nice sheet. It's awesome there's all the information that you need there's some charts, that go along with it this is a really great resource.

Now here's your vocabulary button, so if you're doing like say, you're doing spelling without a speller and you're giving kids vocabulary words each week to use is their spelling test. This is an excellent resource, here's three brush dentist and floss. Now for my kindergarten kids of course. I'm not going to use this but perhaps. If you're looking at, you know second or third grade and you're going back and you're doing some reteach. This might be an excellent resource. 

So this is readworks.org, it's one of my favorites, you have assignments assignment here that where you can go in and do current assignments where you can say hey, this is what I want to do, in the future this is what I want to do. In the past, I have cleared this out for a new school year. But, this is awesome, it's my favorite reading website that I have it's my rese go-to resource and now I hope you use it as well.