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ReadWorks Org Overview

ReadWorks Org Overview

Readworks is a free k12 reading comprehension website. Teachers search for and assign reading passages to the entire class or individual students students practice and apply the skills necessary. To read and comprehend digital text including, scrolling adjusting text size, adding paragraph numbers highlighting text and adding annotations.

Students answer both multiple choice questions and constructed response questions using the highlighting tool to cite textual evidence for each question. This creates an experience similar to that of our state standardized assessments, when students submit their work, they receive immediate feedback on multiple-choice questions, constructed-response questions, must be scored by the teacher simply go to assignments and progress and choose your assignment. You'll be taken to your class results, where you can then grade constructed-response questions. Teachers can also leave feedback, for any student answer in comment form which the student can. Then see from their site, teachers can even give students the opportunity to revise an assignment by editing their answers or redo.

The assignment by clearing all of their answers, both literary text and informational text are available at a k12 level. Through the site, however the site has a focus on non-fiction passages, because the website tracks data for an entire class. It makes it possible to easily identify needs and pull small groups to work on both online test, taking strategies as well as reading comprehension skills while work can be completed independently. It's important that read works is used as a teaching tool with regular follow-up. There are a wide variety of classroom applications including, whole class entry reduction to the website and tools small group guided practice or reteach of strategies. It can be used as an independent read for meaning station, during small group time or as a choice activity when other work is completed login.

For both students and teachers is as simple as a Google sign-on, if you're interested in learning more or creating a plan for adding this online reading experience to your classroom routine just contact your literacy coach.