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Hi, I wanted to introduce you guys, to readworks.org. Readworks.org is a free program for anyone who is a teacher and has an educational and has an educational email address one of the reasons why I like this resource so much is. Because, they organize their standards according to type of articles passages, they give you grade levels that you can choose from as well as the Lexile which. I find to be super important in 8th grade. For example, in my English book, I don't have a single article that is at the Lexile of 1410. I just don't. So, this allows me to supplement my curriculum with actual left files chunks that come with their own questions.

So when I open up this account when a sign in. See, if it remembers me, it does when I sign in. You can see that it gives me a PDF that I can print and along with that PDF. It gives me comprehension questions. I'm going to make this full screen. It gives me comprehension questions, it also gives me a little quiz. At the end that I can ask some essay questions and I can check with vocabulary, it allows me to have a vocabulary list. It gives me paired text. So, I can continue, I can take this passage pair it with another text and then it also shows me the standards that it goes with. I think is fantastic.

If you are a teacher who is struggling to incorporate more nonfiction text inside your curriculum, this is a great way to do it. The intended audience for this website is actually teachers, because students can't really get into it. It's best. If you select your passages and then you print them out again. You also have these choices up here, you can get your own comes in units you can get article a day that's awesome as well and the other thing is that you can go to skill and strategy units and you say you know that your class. For example, I know that my class uses figurative language in all of their papers, it's required. I've got a couple of kids who come in they have no idea what that is. I can open up a figurative language unit and I can find the sixth grade figurative language unit and just have one of my kids or two of my kids. The ones that need it to be able to repeat and review on those lessons. The is to standards that this goes with. I have the 14 students, the Empowered learner. I feel is really important for this, because it empowers each student to be able to learn at their own pace and to be able to use to be able to use multiple types of resources in order to gain knowledge, or understanding.

I can actually save each of these as PDFs and share them out to my class digitally without ever having to print it out, and it's fine. The other thing that I like is, that it's is the 34 students the knowledge constructor, you can utilize this resource alone to be able to construct any knowledge, that you need that will be testable both in map testing and in state testing. Everything is standards-based everything is basically written for you and sometimes as a teacher, that's the easiest way to differentiate is to say.

I have these extra lessons, I didn't have to construct. But, I know, they're going to help you get better. So, I just, I hope you really are are excited about this opportunity. It is a hundred percent free and I think that it is valuable to any English language arts or even a social studies, teacher.

I hope you have a really great day thanks, bye bye.