Setting Up ReadWorks

If you want to set up your own read works, go to read work, start work and register.

Once you have your own password and you're logged in, go to class admin and create your own class. Once you've created a class the easiest thing to do is invite students with Google, they'll go to this website we were taught, org/student, and they'll type in your code, this is my code for this test class. It'll give you your own code and then they'll start their own assignments, that's all they have to do.


Make assignments

When you find your assignments you go to find content, you can do your searches. Let's look at the history of Halloween, here's the question set, and I click assign, then I get to decide if I want to just the article if I want the audio. That'll beat it to them.

I want the comprehension questions, if I want them to do the vocabulary and have the support in the activity, you get to decide which class you want them to go to if you have more than one, and you can assign it to do specific students, and then you set your due dates, and then you click to assign and that's all there is to it. You go to your assignments and you can see there's a mamma.


Children join the class and answer questions

Once my kids have joined the class they'll see that assignment, they go on there and they read it and answer the questions. Once I've logged back in after my children have done their assignment. Let's go back to my classroom, all I do is click class results, it will already be graded, the multiple-choice was all ready to be graded, and I click on grade, these go down, and it tells you what the question was, do you what the question was and what the answer should be, and so then you can go down and answer.

I mean they grade them as you want, you could write, click on comment if you want to give a comment, and once you have finished and got all the way to the bottom, you just hit this area and it goes all the way up, click back on student and you'll see your grades.

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Digital ReadWorks Org - Tech

Digital ReadWorks Org - Tech

About, is that you can search for your grade level of your students, or you can also search for your Lexile of your students.

ReadWorks Org

ReadWorks Org is a free program for anyone who is a teacher and has an educational and has an educational email address one of the reasons why I like this resource so much is.

ReadWorks org Review

ReadWorks org Review

The website is free, and it is for teachers, and the very interesting thing about this one is this website is that it offers a lot of lesson plans, but not only lesson plans, but it targets teachers that might need assistance in how to teach the lesson, so it's really great.

Logging into Digital Readworks from Home

Logging into Digital Readworks from Home

I've been receiving quite a few requests for more information on logging into business sweet words, this post is to introduce how to go from my website and log in to your child's, to digital reworks account from home.

ReadWorks Org Overview

ReadWorks Org Overview overview of teachers search for and assign reading passages to the entire class or individual students students practice and apply the skills necessary.